Million Dollar Builder Marketing Replay

Where do you need to ‘fire’ yourself?

We all leave money on the table, the question is where? Below is a 20 minute snippet from the One Day ‘Systems & Technology’ Workshop we ran in September.

In this presentation;

1) Learn the simple iphone app you already have that saved me 24 working days / year

2) How a Queensland builder plugged a $120,000 hole in his business which he didn’t even know was there

3) ‘Clearing the decks’ and fireing everyonecould be the thing that saves your business

4) An additional $342,000 Nett Profit from a 5% swing on Gross Margin

5) Using ‘essentialism’ to cut away and say ‘NO’

6) How to identify the ‘game changers’ in your business and how every enquiry in your business could be worth $20,000

7) Know the 10 essential areas of your business and where to ‘fire’ yourself!


Ps We ran a lot of exciting training events and workshops in 2015 and have plenty more planned for 2016. Watch this space for upcoming events in your area.

Are you growing your team?

Are you considering restructuring your business systems and team? If so you’ll find this video very interesting.

Earlier this year we ran a Team Building One Day Workshop in Melbourne and I want you to see some video footage from one of the days highlights.


In this video Michael Sutherland from Fordhams Group talks about;

1) How to make training stick
2) Getting the most from your new recruits including Gen Y’s
3) How often to run performance reviews
3) What your key talent need to ensure they succeed and stay
4) Twelve things the best leaders do to Attract, Train and Retain
5) What is talent and succession management?
6) How to handle under performers on your team
7) The one page flow chart worth $25,000
8) When is death the only acceptable excuse?


How does your business compare to this builder?

Here’s a great interview I did with Ben Pirie at the Design and Build Expo in Sydney earlier this year.

Besides some killer insights on structuring your business for sale or succession.
Ben also shares some great stories including;

1) How a VB bottle thrown through his front window exploded his marketing

2) What made Ben buy his building company and why he knows he can sell it again

3) The red belly black snake that helped demonstrate his ‘point of difference’

4) HIs on-line marketing system that works better than his website

5) How he structured his team to get off the tools and further develop his systems

6) Why he chose to buy his company instead of starting his own from scratch

7) How after three years of acquiring his business Ben can travel overseas at least
once a year, spend time with his family and still find time to train for triathlons

Click here to register for our next Live One Day Workshop in Sydney on Tue 15th September

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Click here to register for our next Live One Day Workshop in Sydney on Tue 15th September



Looking for more control and structure in your business?

Looking for more control and structure in your business? Listen to Brett Godden from BDG Constructions share valuable insights into how he systematically transformed his renovations business, and learn how you can achieve sustained profit, cash-flow and work-flow for your business.

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