Structuring your business for succession and aquisition

Ever wondered how much your business is worth or if its even possible to sell a building company? If so watch Craig West’s presentation on structuring your business for succession and aquisition – there’s some absolute Gold in here, enjoy! Kurt

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Minimum size for apartments On the Rise

The code’s table diverges significantly from the rules of thumb, advocating at least 58 square meres for a one bedroom apartment, 91 square metres for a two bedroom apartment, as well as a sizeable 53 additional square metres for three bedroom apartments.

NSW first introduced minimum apartment sizes in 2002 with a set of design rules contained by State Environmental Planning Policy No. 65.

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Struggling to hire Trades

A sharp escalation in trade prices throughout Queensland and New South Wales is possible as strong activity in multi-residential construction drives underlying pressure on trade availability in a number of areas including formwork, partitions and linings and mechanical services, a new report has found.

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Loans for New Builds up 2.0%

Australian Bureau of Statistics housing finance figures released recently show that nationally, the number of loans to owner occupiers (excluding refinancing) declined modestly in February 2015 although the number of loans to those purchasing and building new homes increased slightly. 

The number of loans to households building or purchasing new homes increased by 2.0% in February 2015. 

This is a relatively positive result against a backdrop where lending to households purchasing existing homes eased back modestly. The number of loans to owner occupiers buying established homes, excluding refinancing, fell by 0.9% in February to a level 4.9% weaker compared with the same time a year ago. 

Comparing the total number of owner occupier loans for new housing in February 2015 with February 2014 shows that only Victoria (+3.2%) and Tasmania (+71.7%) recorded growth. Elsewhere, there were declines in New South Wales (-0.4 %); Queensland (-1.7%); South Australia (-17.4%); and Western Australia (-12.8%). 

Lending figures indicate that the investor market eased by around 3.4% during February, but remained around 9.9% higher than the same period a year ago. The majority of the growth in investor lending has been to those purchasing existing homes. In February over 90% of lending to investors went into the existing home market.

 Lending activity in the first home buyer market remained quite weak. The number of loans to first home buyers in the three months to February 2015 was around 8.2% lower than the corresponding period a year earlier.

Want to make some changes?

Thinking of making some changes? – This is how you get results in your business!

Below a breakdown of the last 7 days action items from one of our private clients:

“Hi Kurt

I love doing marketing and getting it better and better through test and measure.

I’m also imbedding some NLP tactics as well. Here’s what I’m working on;

1) Getting the flyer done and will send through to you as it comes together

2) Started woking on the thank you card which will be hand written, I bought 20 blank for $1 each at the smoke shop. I’m posting the first one out tomorrow.

3) We are also working on the gift baskets we done up about 20 of those

4) We are also working on the new site signage, banner and logo

5) We now have silver, gold and platinum selections packages for clients to choose form

6) Working on 5 x successive draft emails

7) Sale process with 5 x draft emails then the handwritten card and also a follow up call to go back and represent 3 quotes a week

8) I will find the time and prioritise my time better

Tony Robbins says turn your ‘shoulds’ into ‘musts’