Charging for quotes

This educational (and inspirational) interview was recorded at last years Builders Coach Two Day Bootcamp with Steve & Marcus from Heisig Constructions in Brisbane.

They talk about:

  • How they never quote against other builders
  • Preliminary agreements that work
  • Money back guarantee that converts 90% of the time
  • How to offer ‘exclusivity’ to your clients
  • Making a display home pay dividends
  • How to raise your margins and avoid the race to the bottom
  • How they achieve a 90% conversion rate and charge for quotes
  • How to retain ownership of their plans and make them part of your IP
  • Build a team that delivers quality leaves a string of happy clients
  • How to build a ‘Lifestyle’ business and take the holidays off with the kids
  • Building a business partnership that works
  • Using a display home to your advantage – should you take the plunge?