Free Training Webinar – Building a Winning Team

If you’re like many builders, your problems are probably coming from your team. And you’re not alone. Without the right process to manage them, your employees, contractors

and sub-contractors simply won’t toe the line and do what’s expected of them. That’s why I’m running a very special online training webinar to show you how to fix the problem.

Click here to join this free training webinar and create a high performing, winning team

In 60 minutes I’m going to open up our proven, winning system for leading your team and organisation to astonishing new levels of performance.

How to “sell” your vision to your team and get them enthusiastic about it, no matter how wild or extreme it seems

>  How your team can consistently meet and exceed the most demanding expectations, and love it

>  What the ‘Keep – Stop – Start’ process is, and why it’s the single fastest way to turn around poor morale

>  How to make important, even unpopular decisions and “sell” them to your team. Your ability to do this will make or break your business

>  How to transform even the worst, most dysfunctional team into a unified, high performing group – often it’s one team member who sets the tone, and I’ll show you how to identify who it is and how to turn them into a role model instead

>  A brand new recruiting process which attracts the right people to your team and makes it simple to work out who should, and shouldn’t be offered a position. This never fails and you have to see it to believe how powerful it is

>  How to get more done in one day than most people get done in a week

These are the team building secrets which have seen many builders take one day off a week, and one full week off a month.

They helped one Sydney builder create clear roles for each team member and improve productivity four fold.

And they took a small ‘Mum and Dad’ builder working from home to being franchised in under 36 months.

Click here to join this free training webinar and create a high performing, winning team