Improve your conversions from quote to contract

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Improve your conversions from quote to contract

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Would you like to create an effective Sales Process for your business without having to become a “Sales Person?”
Having an effective Sales Process in place that compliments your marketing efforts is a vital key in your drive to generate your desired profits from your business. This section will show you how to create your own sales process and what to include in it.

Would you like to spend less wasted time on dud leads and turn more prospects into actual clients with the use of an efficient Sales Process?
In order to attract more prospects and turn them into customers, you must build a sales process that works, one that identifies your clients’ needs and wants and then fulfills them. You must begin to systemize your sales process and test and measure the success of each step.

For more specifics on how we can help your business in this area, contact us direct to book in for your free “Strategy Session” with one of our expert Business Coaches. Lets talk about your business and see how we can take you to the next level. 

Case Study

The Challenge: Sales Process
The Cause:
A lack of formal sales training and a generally negative attitude towards sales people resulted in Brad having no desire to spend any of his valuable time on developing a sales process.

The Business Pain:
Brad was running around doing a lot of quotes but he was converting very few of them. This caused him a lot of pain and frustration because it was costing him time and money and left him feeling like he was chasing his tail.

The Personal Pain:
The endless running around was wearing Brad out both physically and mentally. He was feeling more and more disillusioned and it was starting to affect his personal life. Besides not having time to play soccer during the week at his local club or join his mates down at the pub, he was also getting pressure from his girlfriend who complained she hardly saw him. To add insult to injury, when Brad did make it down to his local pub he overheard someone talking about the bad experience they had talking to someone at his front desk. This was the straw that broke the camels back for Brad and he decided to seek professional help.

The Solution:
The first thing Brad learnt (much to his surprise) was that sales are 80% process and only 20% selling skills or ability. With the guidance of his business coach Brad set to work making the following 22 changes to his sales process:

  1. Sales scripts for himself and his team for phone and face-to-face interaction with prospects and customers
  2. Flow-charted his sales process
  3. Asks great questions
  4. Only deal with decision makers
  5. Qualifies prospects with questions checklist
  6. Clear Target Market defined
  7. Sets budgets & tracks sales
  8. Developed a 12-step sales process
  9. He started thinking like a problem solver
  10. Listened extremely well
  11. Has a clear outcome in mind for each meeting or interaction with prospects
  12. Understands features and benefits of his product or service and knows how to show the prospect how they will fulfill their need or want
  13. Great first impression
  14. Handles objections
  15. Asks for the sale and asks for commitment
  16. Keeps testimonials
  17. Always up-sells
  18. Developed a sales kit
  19. Is consistent and disciplined
  20. Asks for referrals
  21. Sends thank-you cards
  22. A CRM (Client Relationship Management) software system in place

The Outcome:

Within six months of consistent application of his new sales strategies Brad was able to increase his conversion rate by over 30%. This meant his revenues also increased by 30%. The bonus was that because Brad’s conversion rate had improved he was spending less time quoting to get the same amount of work through. This meant more time with his girlfriend, playing soccer and with his mates at the pub. All up, his quality of life improved out of sight and more importantly he started to feel better about himself and his business.

For more specifics on how we can help your business in this area, contact us direct to book in for your free “Strategy Session” with one of our expert Business Coaches. Lets talk about your business and see how we can take you to the next level.