We work with builders interested in doubling or tripling their profits

Since 2004 we have worked with sole traders through to large multi-million dollar building companies, teaching real life, no fluff business ideas and strategies. In each business, we’ve helped the owners and leaders create a streamlined business with a constant flow of profitable work, good cash-flow and a team of good people to complete the work, so the owner doesn’t have to do everything himself.

We can help you achieve this without having to spend endless hours in training rooms. Without having to understand complex financials. Without having to create all the systems yourself. Without having to use complex software. Without having to read tons of books. Without having to get a masters degree in business. Without becoming a sales and marketing expert. Without feeling overwhelmed and having to understand ridiculous amounts of information.

Our tried and tested coaching programs are designed to guide you through a simple, proven step by step process for working more efficiently in the following ’10 Areas in your Business’: Strategy – Capital – Leadership – Team – Systems – Marketing – Sales – Delivery – Finance – Admin.

We call this a ‘well-oiled, systematic profitable business machine’ which allows you (the owner) to focus on the vital areas of your business such as growth, strategy and leadership. This in turn provides you with more control and increased profits and time. And as the business owner you will personally grow as well…we guide you onto and along the right paths… helping you to reach your full potential.

For more specifics on how we coach businesses like yours and whether what we offer is a fit for you, contact us to book in for your free “Strategy Session” with one of our expert Business Coaches.

Kurt Hegetschweiler,


As the founder of Builders Coach, Kurt Hegetschweiler is quickly becoming recognised as the building industry “Millionaire Maker”, helping builders and building contractors in Australia run more profitable businesses. Since 2004 Kurt has personally coached and mentored hundreds of small to medium sized builders and building contractors. Kurt prides himself in delivering less information and more results, using real life, hands on, no fluff business strategies that work. Kurt is also the co-author of “Would you like profits with that”, the first business book published in Australia exclusively for the trades industry.

“To help create better lifestyles for Building Industry Business Owners worldwide… by showing them how to get better results while actually reducing their workload.” 

That’s our mission… and we’ll do all we can to ensure our success… and yours!

Our sixteen points of culture


If I make a promise, I always deliver, especially to myself. I have a high level of personal integrity and only make agreements that I intend and am willing to keep. I speak the truth always, I know that this will often require courage. If it seems a commitment to an agreement can’t be kept for some reason, I will always communicate about it right away, and will clear up broken agreements immediately.


I give 100% to every commitment I make until I succeed. I am committed to my clients, team members now and in the future, and the vision of my company – always, fully and completely. I will always recommend our own superior products and services before going to other competitors.


I always speak positively about my team members and clients and the company, in public and in private. I communicate with the purpose of good only, using positive and empowering communication. I never gossip. I don’t listen to sarcasm. I am responsible for all my responses. I acknowledge that what the speaker is saying is true for him at that moment and never invalidate it. I use people’s names in greeting and saying farewell. I apologise for upsets and then find a solution to the problem. I never discuss others’ concerns in public.

Strong Work Ethic

I will always ask more of myself in every undertaking. I understand the law of cause and affect and constantly strive to beat my best. I know that what I put in I’ll get back ten fold. I never compare myself to others, instead I always ask myself, if this is the best I can do? and if it’s the most I can do? I set a positive example for both myself and my team. I respect who I am and achieve phenominal results because I work very smart and very hard. I am always looking to improve my standards and respect myself for the effort I put in and results I achieve.


I remember that my life must be balanced, and so that is my approach to life – in everything spiritual, physical, social and family. These are just as important as the intellectual and the financial aspects of life. I complete all work I have and keep the most important tasks as top priority to finish, so I can have remaining quality time to renew my energy.


I always strive to do the absolute best I can in everything I do. I don’t accept second best for myself or others. I will always deliver services and products that are of exceptional quality and will be of high value in the long-term. I consistently test and measure my results and stay open to feedback, especially if it differs from my views. I strive for constant and never ending improvement in everything I do.


I am abundant, deserve it, and can give and receive abundance. I allow it into my life in all aspects by respecting my own worth and that of others. To the degree I create abundance for others I am rewarded with abundance.


I am consistent in all my actions, and thus all my clients and my team feel comfortable dealing with me always. My results and success are consistent because I stay disciplined in my work.


I always maintain an atmosphere of fun and happiness, because I view my life as something to enjoy and appreciate. This way, others also enjoy their life as well.


I continually learn and grow, mastering what I undertake so I can help others learn and grow, too. I educate then let my clients make their own decisions, using intelligence and looking to the future. It is their future, after all. I don’t just impart theory but make sure information I give out is practical and can be used and applied. I learn from my mistakes.


I use a system solution, not a people solution, when innovating. I always look to the system for solutions and use a system correction prior to trying to find a people correction. I follow whatever system is in use until a new one is introduced. I suggest improvements to the system.


I know that I am fully responsible for my actions and for the outcome of those actions. I am responsible for everything that takes place in my life and am accountable for all results that come from my activities. I know for things to change, I must change.

Team Work

I am a team leader but at the same time, a team player. I do what it takes to work as a team and achieve the goals of the team. I don’t compromise, but focus on cooperation. I always find a resolution. I am flexible in that I can change if what I am doing isn’t working. When I need help, I ask for it. I help others who ask me for assistance.


I say “thank you” often and in different ways, because I want to show others I truly appreciate them. I celebrate the wins I have and the wins others have – both team members and clients. I am truly grateful. I always observe and acknowledge when myself and others do things right.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

I understand the correlation between having a healthy body and a healthy alert mind. I know that having a strong, healthy and fit body and mind will give me more energy and vitality to better run my business and personal life. I have respect for my body and am aware of the food I eat and the amount of exercise I perform each week. I am consistent in how I feed both my body and mind. I set the right example for my family and and my team and will continue to educate myself on how to stay in the best physical and mental condition for my age.

Client Obsession

I work hard to qualify and bring on the highest quality clients for both Builders Coach and our Affiliates at all times. I understand the financial and time investment that goes into signing up the best clients in the industry. Once a client enters into the Builders Coach Inner Circle they become part of our family and are delivered an avalanche of value which far exceeds any monetary payment. Every client who passes through any component of the Builders System will leave living, or at least have the potential to live a richer more successful lifestyle for them selves and their family.