Best Practice Builder Certification

What is the Best Practice Builder Certification?The Best Practice Builder Certification signifies that you have been recognized as a builder striving for best practice through the pursuit of excellence in all areas of business and life. You share the same purpose and passion for proactive systems and processes development; taking a client-centric focus; raising industry standard and restoring respect to the building industry.

How do you become Best Practice Builder Certified?You need to be a Builders Coach client and have a Best Practice Mindset, which encompasses a strong dedication to never-ending improvement in all areas of business and life, and an affinity with the 16 points of culture. We are an independent certification and not looking to align ourselves with any association or government body.

Why get certified?The Best Practice certification demonstrates and communicates your values and standards to your trade base, suppliers and clients. This will attract like-minded people who recognize the importance of such an ethos. It will also show clients that you have been formally recognized as a best practice builder and both talk the talk and walk the walk. You’ll also help raise industry standards and restore respect.

What’s involved? To become Best Practice Certified, you will need to demonstrate that your business operating systems and customer service have been developed and implemented with a best practice mindset. You will need to clearly show how you encourage training, development and innovation; what steps you’ve taken to re-define industry standards and how you go above and beyond for your clients. Kurt will assess these points based on the ‘16 Points of Culture and ‘Client-Centric Mindset and Processes’ documentation that exists as part of the Builders Coach program.

What’s the process?Once you have been certified as a Best Practice Builder, you will be welcomed into a closed Facebook group and receive a Welcome Pack, which includes stickers and logos in both hard and soft copy to use in marketing material.

Fees?The Best Practice Builder Certification is free for existing Builders Coach clients. For past clients, a small monthly admin fee applies.

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