Where do you need to ‘fire’ yourself?

We all leave money on the table, the question is where? Below is a 20 minute snippet from the One Day ‘Systems & Technology’ Workshop we ran in September.

In this presentation;

1) Learn the simple iphone app you already have that saved me 24 working days / year

2) How a Queensland builder plugged a $120,000 hole in his business which he didn’t even know was there

3) ‘Clearing the decks’ and fireing everyone could be the thing that saves your business

4) An additional $342,000 Nett Profit from a 5% swing on Gross Margin

5) Using ‘essentialism’ to cut away and say ‘NO’

6) How to identify the ‘game changers’ in your business and how every enquiry in your business could be worth $20,000

7) Know the 10 essential areas of your business and where to ‘fire’ yourself!


Ps We ran a lot of exciting training events and workshops in 2015 and have plenty more planned for 2016. Watch this space for upcoming events in your area.

Have a sticky beak into our private clients closed door meeting

In December last year we ran a closed door Builders Coach Inner Circle Bootcamp for some
of our private clients at the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast. Our clients paid $1500 / head
to be there and the event was a total success. In fact we have already blocked out the dates
for our 2014 event and will be running a two day program this year.

Below is a link to watch the ‘2014 Goal Setting’ session we ran at this exclusive event.
If you need clarity on your goals and strategies for 2014 and would like to see a closed
door discussion with some of our private clients then click here now (or the link below)
and watch his video.


We all have a New Year in front of us and many of decisions you make now will determine
the level of success you enjoy later in the year!

To your ongoing success,


Answer these questions for a better 2018?

What is your plan for 2018? A great way to get clarity and focus for 2018 is to use forward
focused reflection. Answer the questions to identify your drivers for next year.

1. What was the most important decision you took in your business this year?
2. What was your best quality as a leader this year?
3. What was the best piece of advice you got, book you read or course you took this year?
4. Where were you most focused this year?
5. Which moment / single event was your proudest this year?
6. Which two actions brought about the biggest results?
7. Where were you most inspired this year?
8. Which 3 most important qualities will dictate your performance next year?

To finish up this email below are some powerful insights from my good friend and Life coach
Martyn Hume Cobbe. Enjoy..

Would you build a house without plans?

If you wouldn’t build a house without plans then why would you build your life without a clear
plan for how you want it to be and how to achieve it? Maybe to avoid disappointment, if it’s
not achieved?

But if you fail to make a plan you’re guaranteed to be disappointed, because as you well know
the first step in a creative process is to getting clear about what it is you want to create. The
design might evolve throughout the process of creation but how can you commit fully to action,
focus your energies and make all the necessary decisions required without a clear outcome in

In the life planning process, step 1 is getting really clear about how you’d love your life to be,
usually about 3 to 5 years out. This picture includes your relationships, physical environment,
your work life, your health, your experience of living…

Step 2 is getting really clear about your personal resources, your drives, your strengths, your
natural abilities and your values for these are the what will empower you and keep you on the
pathway to fulfillment.

Step 3 is to eliminate any limiting beliefs that arise as you start moving toward your desired outcome.
These are bound to arise because they are the primary barriers that have prevented you from already
achieving your life goals.

This 3 step process is about creating a map of your life and then creating and installing an internal
compass which keeps you heading in the right direction as you come to the many forks in the road
toward the life you really desire to live.

The amazing thing is that, when know you’re on the right path, you find a wonderful sense of gratitude
in the now and an innate ability to enjoy the journey as it unfolds…


To your ongoing success!

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Get up to date with WH&S Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars

If the term ‘Workplace Health & Safety’ sends you into a cold sweat, you’re not alone!

When you run a safe operation it’s hard to get excited about spending money on something that will not produce a return.

However, when it comes to spending money in your business there are two very different types of investment. Those that provide a return on investment and those that limit your exposure to risk. A bit like an insurance premium.

So, what is your exposure to risk when it comes to Workplace Health & Safety?
Do you have a Safety Plan on each site (law on contracts over $250k)?
Do you have SWMS covering all high risk activities (law)?
Do you have an Emergency Plan for your office (law in QLD, NSW, ACT, NT)?
Keeping up with legal obligations is pretty tough for businesses across Australia. For builders, it is a nightmare.

But what happens when something goes wrong? The cold sweat, the mental checklist,
Safety Plan in place?
SWMS’s onsite?
Incident report filled in?
Documents up to date??
The problem is, when legislation changes all your old documents become redundant. For instance, if your SWMS’s are a couple of years old they may not contain a residual risk rating. Without it, your SWMS are non compliant. How would you be expected to know that?

It’s easy to get caught out. And that is why we always recommend a subscription to safety documentation rather than engaging a consultant.

Changes Ahead

Every time the legislation changes, or even when a court ruling is made, safety documentation needs to be updated. The typical business owner does not have time to monitor this stuff so they engage a consultant. Thousands of dollars later they have up to date documentation.

But what happens next?

How do you know the goal posts have moved?

Put the consultant on a retainer? Expensive.

Bury your head?

You don’t need me to tell you the consequences of that, it’s in the papers every week these days.

If you want professionally written documentation that is monitored and kept up to date how much do you think that would cost, $1,000, $2,000 a month? Or what about $10,000 a month!

But, as a business owner you are about to win. Economies of scale are about to work in YOUR favour. Work being performed for tens of thousands of small businesses across Australia has resulted in you being able to access AN ENTIRE RANGE OF SAFETY DOCUMENTATION worth tens of thousands of dollars for a small fraction of the true value.

What’s included?
Safety Plans
Over 400 SWMS’s covering every activity you can think of
Over 60 company Policies (Not a legal requirement but great for improving company culture)
Emergency Plan
Environmental Plan
Incident Reporting
works on PC’s Mac’s, Tablets, iPad.

What Do I Need?

If you are a builder (Principal Contractor) managing contracts in excess of $250,000, you need as a bare minimum a Site Safety Management Plan.

To purchase a Site Safety Management Plan Template that is fully completed and can be used on all your sites can cost as little as $395+GST. More information can be found using the link below.


This is a word document that can be easily edited with your company and site specific details.

Do I Need Safe Work Method Statements?

If you employ workers onsite you need to provide Safe Work Method Statements that cover any high risk activities being performed in the workplace.

If that sounds like your business, you can get a Site Safety Management Plan PLUS ANY 15 Safe Work Method Statements from our range of over 400 for just $1,290.00+GST for 12 months. (Full Value $2,084.25)

In addition, you will also receive unrestricted access to download anything document listed on this page.


You will see that includes all of our Safety Plans making this a great value option 🙂

More information on the ‘Gold Package’ can be found using the link below.


I Need More Than 15 Safe Work Method Statements!

No problem, we can give you full unrestricted access to our complete range of Safe Work Method Statements and Safety Plans.

In total, this is over $40,000 worth of documentation we are giving you access to which can be downloaded onto your computer as Word Documents ready for editing. All this access for just $2,490.00+GST for 12 Months!


You get everything on this page,


PLUS..Everything in the Safe Work Method Statements Sections,


Do I Have To Pay Every Year?

As you know, legislation is always changing, so what happen next year, how do you keep your Safe Work Method Statements up to date?


Once you start on the SWMS Subscription you can renew each year for just $345.00+GST a year on the Gold or $795+GST on the Unlimited.

What Am I Paying For?

Unlimited support and assistance on 1300 764 500 for anything safety related.

Plus, you can download up to 15 Safe Work Method Statements each year on the Gold Plan or as many as you wish on the Unlimited Plan.

That is unbelievable value!

To learn more, click on the link below or call 1300 764 500!


To your ongoing success!


HIA residential building results for September Qtr 2013 – Don’t stop pumping the Marketing wheel!


Residential Building Flat in September Quarter of 2013

Preliminary ABS figures released today indicate that the recovery in residential construction activity failed to advance in the September quarter 2013, said the Housing Industry Association, the voice of Australia’s residential building industry.

“In the aggregate, there was an increase in the value of construction work done during the September quarter of 2013. However, the result was less positive for the residential building sector. The value of residential building work done during the quarter was unchanged compared with the previous quarter,” said HIA Economist, Geordan Murray.
“The flat result was a balancing act whereby a decline in work done in detached house building and home renovations was offset by a relatively strong increase in the value of work done on multi-unit dwellings,” added Geordan Murray.
“It is good to see activity in the multi-unit segment of the market picking up, however the positive impact this should have on Australia’s housing supply is being offset by declining levels of activity in the detached home segment,” commented Geordan Murray.

“In order to see Australia’s growing population housed in a way that maintains the standard of living the community expects, we need to see broad based increases in the level of activity across the new home building sector rather than just a reallocation of activity between the various segments of residential building,” said Geordan Murray.
“Demographic demand in the future will necessitate a structural increase in the rate of new home building across all types of dwellings when compared with the volumes we have seen over recent decades,” concluded Geordan Murray.

The value of work done on multi-unit construction increased by 3.9 per cent in the September quarter of 2013 to a level 16.8 per cent above the level recorded in the September quarter of 2012. In contrast, the value of work done on new detached homes declined by 1.6 per cent in the quarter to a level 3.6 per cent below the level in the September quarter a year ago. The value of work done on renovations declined by 3.1 per cent during the quarter to a level 3.3 per cent below the level recorded in the corresponding period last year.
For further information please contact: Geordan Murray, Economist on 0438 103 651