Dominate the negotiation process

Below is the another powerful email in the series from my friend and world class negotiator Filip Hron.

Have you ever left a ‘difficult’ interaction with an employee, contractor, client or prospective client and
wondered how a world class negotiator would have handled the same situation? The truth is you CAN
take control of every negotiation if you are just prepared to learn how.

Know what they want

“How many of you enter a negotiation having thoroughly thought about what the other party wants?” There
were 33 participants in the executive program I ran for one of the local universities. I looked around the room
and could only make out three raised hands. I had my work cut out for me…

Understanding the other party’s needs and interests in the negotiation is the fundamental key to unlocking
value in negotiations. It’s not about us, it’s about them! We need them. We need them to agree to the final
outcome. And we need them to commit to upholding their end of the deal. And guess what – they aren’t
motivated by having our needs satisfied.

This is the problem with most negotiations. I walk in only focusing on what I want. The other party selfishly
acuses on his or her needs. And then we get surprised when the other party seems to work against us.

Skilled negotiators understand that the primary reason why people don’t accept proposals, suggestions,
or options is that they perceive needs to be left unsatisfied by that proposal, suggestion or option. Thus
if we aren’t persuasive, it is simply a case of us not fully understanding what is important to the other party. The
solution is simple – gain a better understanding of those needs!

In contrast, unskilled negotiators will at this stage try a range of predictable, yet ineffective tactics. One
is to blame the other party for being difficult. I have yet to see this tactic provide any benefit.. Another
approach is to start giving concessions on price. While this can work, it is awfully clumsy (and expensive!). Most
of the time, the primary need that people want satisfied has nothing to do with money, and it will both be cheaper,
easier, and more effective, to identify and satisfy that need directly.

Filip Hron is an expert consultant, lecturer and author on negotiation. He has taught at 7 universities,
worked with multiple global negotiation companies, and collaborated with a range of renowned experts
in international, commercial and crisis/hostage negotiation. In the process he has trained future negotiators
across four continents, and advised on multiple negotiations in the $10m-$10bn range…

You can learn more about Filip and his credentials at Have a look tell me if that this stuff isn’t

To your ongoing success,