How To Easily Collect, Record and Maintain Your Subcontractors and Client Information

The only way you ever win profitable work is to get people to know, like and trust you, period. These days, sales enquiries are coming in from all directions. Phone, Website, Facebook, Email, Site Banners, Ute Signage, Display Homes etc. Problem is, if you don’t have a process in place for following up these enquiries you are losing sales. You probably already heard that the best way to do all of the above is use a functional cloud based CRM system, ideally something developed specifically for builders.


Running a building company has never been more challenging due to the ever increasing administration requirements being placed on builders.

How do you manage all this,

Obtain a signed Period Contract Agreement?
Obtain a copy of the Trade Licence?
Obtain a copy of the Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency?
Obtain a copy of the Workcover Certificate of Currency?

Do you,

Make Phone Calls?
Send Emails?
Obtain documents Onsite?

Would you,

Prevent access to site without current documentation?
Turn a blind eye?
Chase Daily until you obtained the documentation?
Your answers to the above probably leave you in one of two camps, you are either exposed to fines and prosecution or you are paying a fortune in staff administration to obtain the information and keep it current.

Or maybe you use something like ‘Keep In Touch’ which monitors all of your subcontractors renewal dates and automatically chases them up using in built autoresponders.

What is Keep In Touch?

After setting up an initial period contract agreement (supplied within the software) you can be sure the licence & insurance information will be requested as soon as it becomes due.

We know that as good as your subcontractors are, they dont always respond to the very first RFI so our system automatically ‘reminds them’ each each week. After 28 days you are notified about a subcontractor that maybe unlicensed or uninsured so that you can take the appropriate action and avoid an unnecessary fine.

Sounds expensive? It’s not, at just $49.95 + GST / Month & One Off $675.00+GST set up fee, the complete CRM System for Australasian Builders is ready for action.

You can get started now by calling 1300 764 500 to be set up. Or, if you would like to find out more click the link below which features a great video overview and answers to your questions.