How to negotiate on price

Do you still have people telling you you lost the job on price? If you answered
yes then you are not alone. I’ll be blunt, if this is your reality then you are the
victim of a process you don’t fully understand.

Have you ever left a ‘difficult’ sales meeting with a prospective client and wondered
how a world class negotiator would have handled the same scenario?

The truth is you CAN take control of every negotiation process – and it doesn’t
have to be difficult. I have worked with Filip Hron over the past decade, and seen him
rise to become the leading go-to expert in Australia on negotiation and influence.

I’ve asked Filip to help us clear some of the fog on this all too common issue of
“price” that can make us feel as if negotiation is a messy battle where the client
has all the power. Here are the first pearls of wisdom on this topic from Filip to
get us started. Click here to view this short but powerful insight on negotiation.

Filip Hron is an expert consultant, lecturer and author on negotiation. He has taught
at 7 universities, worked with multiple global negotiation companies, and collaborated
with a range of renowned experts in international, commercial and crisis/hostage negotiation.
In the process he has trained future negotiators across four continents, and advised on
multiple negotiations in the $10m-$10bn range…

You can learn more about Filip and his credentials at Have a look tell me
if that this stuff isn’t impressive!

To your ongoing success,


Ps Watch this space for Filip’s negotiation tips 2, 3 & 4

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