Take control of the negotiation process

I recenlty sent you some pearls of wisdom on how to negotiate a sales meeting from a friend
and world class negotiator Filip Hron.

Have you ever left a ‘difficult’ interaction with an employee, contractor, client or prospective
client and wondered how a world class negotiator would have handled the same situation?
The truth is you CAN take control of every negotiation if you are just prepared to learn

Below is the latest article packed full of negotiation advice and wisdom from Filip;

Control the negotiation process

We rarely think about how we negotiate. Rather we do the same thing over and over – we’re
on autopilot. If something is for sale we offer less in an attempt to get it cheaper. When we think
we’re right we fiercely hold on to our view while trying to prove why the other party is wrong.
When things aren’t going well with others we eventually label them as “difficult” or “the problem”.

This is what we do on autopilot, and this is not an effective way to influence others. In fact, in all three
scenarios the other party will predictably resist what we’re trying to achieve – i.e. they will work against
us every step of the way!

As professional negotiators we think differently. We first discover all the different ways that people
are influenced, and then we systematically change one thing at a time until the other party is persuaded.

We call this approach “controlling the process of negotiation”. We want to understand every choice that
you can make to influence outcomes. For instance, should you negotiate at your place or theirs? Via phone,
email or in person? Who should be present? How should the formal topic be framed? Should you start with
agreement or disagreement? With the easy or the difficult issues? Should you use tactics? If so, which ones
and when? What are the risks of each? And so on…

There are thousands of process choices. The good news for you is that many of these are good most of the
time, and many are bad most of the time. For instance, framing a negotiation about who is right and who is
wrong is rarely a good idea. Are you happy to admit being wrong? Of course not, so what makes you think
that they will be…?

Filip Hron is an expert consultant, lecturer and author on negotiation. He has taught at 7 universities,
worked with multiple global negotiation companies, and collaborated with a range of renowned experts
in international, commercial and crisis/hostage negotiation. In the process he has trained future negotiators
across four continents, and advised on multiple negotiations in the $10m-$10bn range…

You can learn more about Filip and his credentials at www.hron.org. Have a look tell me if that this stuff isn’t

To your ongoing success,


Ps Watch this space for Filip’s future negotiation tips

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