Answer these questions for a better 2018?

What is your plan for 2018? A great way to get clarity and focus for 2018 is to use forward
focused reflection. Answer the questions to identify your drivers for next year.

1. What was the most important decision you took in your business this year?
2. What was your best quality as a leader this year?
3. What was the best piece of advice you got, book you read or course you took this year?
4. Where were you most focused this year?
5. Which moment / single event was your proudest this year?
6. Which two actions brought about the biggest results?
7. Where were you most inspired this year?
8. Which 3 most important qualities will dictate your performance next year?

To finish up this email below are some powerful insights from my good friend and Life coach
Martyn Hume Cobbe. Enjoy..

Would you build a house without plans?

If you wouldn’t build a house without plans then why would you build your life without a clear
plan for how you want it to be and how to achieve it? Maybe to avoid disappointment, if it’s
not achieved?

But if you fail to make a plan you’re guaranteed to be disappointed, because as you well know
the first step in a creative process is to getting clear about what it is you want to create. The
design might evolve throughout the process of creation but how can you commit fully to action,
focus your energies and make all the necessary decisions required without a clear outcome in

In the life planning process, step 1 is getting really clear about how you’d love your life to be,
usually about 3 to 5 years out. This picture includes your relationships, physical environment,
your work life, your health, your experience of living…

Step 2 is getting really clear about your personal resources, your drives, your strengths, your
natural abilities and your values for these are the what will empower you and keep you on the
pathway to fulfillment.

Step 3 is to eliminate any limiting beliefs that arise as you start moving toward your desired outcome.
These are bound to arise because they are the primary barriers that have prevented you from already
achieving your life goals.

This 3 step process is about creating a map of your life and then creating and installing an internal
compass which keeps you heading in the right direction as you come to the many forks in the road
toward the life you really desire to live.

The amazing thing is that, when know you’re on the right path, you find a wonderful sense of gratitude
in the now and an innate ability to enjoy the journey as it unfolds…


To your ongoing success!

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