Get up to date with WH&S Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars

If the term ‘Workplace Health & Safety’ sends you into a cold sweat, you’re not alone!

When you run a safe operation it’s hard to get excited about spending money on something that will not produce a return.

However, when it comes to spending money in your business there are two very different types of investment. Those that provide a return on investment and those that limit your exposure to risk. A bit like an insurance premium.

So, what is your exposure to risk when it comes to Workplace Health & Safety?
Do you have a Safety Plan on each site (law on contracts over $250k)?
Do you have SWMS covering all high risk activities (law)?
Do you have an Emergency Plan for your office (law in QLD, NSW, ACT, NT)?
Keeping up with legal obligations is pretty tough for businesses across Australia. For builders, it is a nightmare.

But what happens when something goes wrong? The cold sweat, the mental checklist,
Safety Plan in place?
SWMS’s onsite?
Incident report filled in?
Documents up to date??
The problem is, when legislation changes all your old documents become redundant. For instance, if your SWMS’s are a couple of years old they may not contain a residual risk rating. Without it, your SWMS are non compliant. How would you be expected to know that?

It’s easy to get caught out. And that is why we always recommend a subscription to safety documentation rather than engaging a consultant.

Changes Ahead

Every time the legislation changes, or even when a court ruling is made, safety documentation needs to be updated. The typical business owner does not have time to monitor this stuff so they engage a consultant. Thousands of dollars later they have up to date documentation.

But what happens next?

How do you know the goal posts have moved?

Put the consultant on a retainer? Expensive.

Bury your head?

You don’t need me to tell you the consequences of that, it’s in the papers every week these days.

If you want professionally written documentation that is monitored and kept up to date how much do you think that would cost, $1,000, $2,000 a month? Or what about $10,000 a month!

But, as a business owner you are about to win. Economies of scale are about to work in YOUR favour. Work being performed for tens of thousands of small businesses across Australia has resulted in you being able to access AN ENTIRE RANGE OF SAFETY DOCUMENTATION worth tens of thousands of dollars for a small fraction of the true value.

What’s included?
Safety Plans
Over 400 SWMS’s covering every activity you can think of
Over 60 company Policies (Not a legal requirement but great for improving company culture)
Emergency Plan
Environmental Plan
Incident Reporting
works on PC’s Mac’s, Tablets, iPad.

What Do I Need?

If you are a builder (Principal Contractor) managing contracts in excess of $250,000, you need as a bare minimum a Site Safety Management Plan.

To purchase a Site Safety Management Plan Template that is fully completed and can be used on all your sites can cost as little as $395+GST. More information can be found using the link below.

This is a word document that can be easily edited with your company and site specific details.

Do I Need Safe Work Method Statements?

If you employ workers onsite you need to provide Safe Work Method Statements that cover any high risk activities being performed in the workplace.

If that sounds like your business, you can get a Site Safety Management Plan PLUS ANY 15 Safe Work Method Statements from our range of over 400 for just $1,290.00+GST for 12 months. (Full Value $2,084.25)

In addition, you will also receive unrestricted access to download anything document listed on this page.

You will see that includes all of our Safety Plans making this a great value option 🙂

More information on the ‘Gold Package’ can be found using the link below.

I Need More Than 15 Safe Work Method Statements!

No problem, we can give you full unrestricted access to our complete range of Safe Work Method Statements and Safety Plans.

In total, this is over $40,000 worth of documentation we are giving you access to which can be downloaded onto your computer as Word Documents ready for editing. All this access for just $2,490.00+GST for 12 Months!


You get everything on this page,

PLUS..Everything in the Safe Work Method Statements Sections,

Do I Have To Pay Every Year?

As you know, legislation is always changing, so what happen next year, how do you keep your Safe Work Method Statements up to date?


Once you start on the SWMS Subscription you can renew each year for just $345.00+GST a year on the Gold or $795+GST on the Unlimited.

What Am I Paying For?

Unlimited support and assistance on 1300 764 500 for anything safety related.

Plus, you can download up to 15 Safe Work Method Statements each year on the Gold Plan or as many as you wish on the Unlimited Plan.

That is unbelievable value!

To learn more, click on the link below or call 1300 764 500!

To your ongoing success!